Hangzhou Electronics & Information Vocational School is a national key vocational school identified by Ministry of Education. Established in 1993, our school is made up of approximately 2,300 students from age 15 to age 17 and over 200 faculty staffs. We have two campuses: Dingqiao campus and Cuiyuan campus, with totally land area of over 133-mu and building area of 72,600 square meters. It is dubbed Zhejiang Province Top 100 Strong Schools in Education Scientific Research, Hangzhou Landmark Secondary Vocational School and 5th Hangzhou Satisfactory School.

Our campuses provide our students with an excellent environment for learning and access to a wide range of educational resources. The teaching buildings offer great opportunities for students new and old. Each room has access to smart technology as well as air conditioning systems, to ensure the best learning environment. The teaching building, office building, practical training building, student apartment are of first class among secondary vocational schools in Zhejiang Province. Designed to maximize student engagement in course material, such as a library, sport fields, and a school clinic, there is so much for the students to take advantage of in our school. Through extra-curricular activities, competitions and social functions, our students also have many opportunities to meet with students from other schools and learn from each other.

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